Your puppy’s first day: where he should sleep

Taking special care on the day of separation of the puppy from its mother is fundamental to determine future behaviors and behaviors. Therefore, the puppy’s first day at home is a radical change in what the little one knows so far, and therefore, it is advisable to establish rules from the beginning.

First of all, the place where he will sleep from now on can be a special bed or even a conditioned box, where there is enough space for his size and where ventilation is good and sufficient. If on the first day he is allowed to sleep on a couch, bed or other place outside his bed, he will never get used to using his space.

The night: the key moment

Puppies usually sleep quite a lot, and several times a day, when they are only weeks old. They are very playful but tire quickly, so every time they go to sleep, it is necessary that they do it in their crates or beds. At night is when they tend to miss the most, and cry when left alone, but if they are accustomed to lying down in their place during the day, they are more likely not to give problems at night.

If the puppy cries during the night, he can be entertained with certain tricks, such as a clock with chiming hands inside his crate, or by placing an electric blanket over him, or another element that produces heat.

The kitchen is a good place

As for where to place our puppy’s bed, the kitchen is the best place, since there is usually no other furniture where they can climb. In addition, it is usually a place with a lot of life in the houses and cleanliness to avoid infections.

Although it is sometimes hard to let the puppy cry, if you are strict with the rules, the puppy will quickly learn that this is his resting place and will quickly accept it as such.

Cristina Bonillo