Bulldog: a gentle and friendly friend

The Bulldog is a dog originally from Great Britain that scares more for its appearance than for its character, because it is a quiet and really faithful pet. Originally it was used as a fighting breed, to face bulls (hence its name: bull = bull), but since the nineteenth century this practice was abolished.

Little care

Its fine and short hair does not require special care apart from the eventual bath like any other dog, and it also has the advantage of shedding less hair during the moulting season.

The bulldog is a very calm dog but it is also relaxed to comply with rules, so from the moment it arrives home it is necessary to discipline it, otherwise it will not obey the rules. It is an animal that needs moderate daily exercise, although it does not have a very high caloric expenditure, hence its “chubby” appearance.

Therefore, from puppyhood he should be educated with discipline, since he is a friendly and reasonable dog, as well as friendly. He will like to play and is a rather stubborn animal who always wants to get what he wants. For these reasons, it is a family dog and ideal for family life and children. They adapt easily to apartments and are quite docile.

Avoiding heat at all costs

This dog is an enemy of intense heat as it causes serious respiratory problems. Nevertheless, it is a stable and strong dog, which moves quickly over short distances.

If you want a friend that gets along with your children, is friendly and doesn’t cause too much trouble, then the bulldog may be the ideal choice.