Feeding a puppy: how to change over to feed

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The puppy progressively passes from the testete to dry and hard food, in a period of one to two weeks, generally at three months after birth, which is when they are usually sold, given away or put up for adoption. Therefore, in the care of the puppy it is necessary to choose the right food for its size and to progressively move from liquid to solid.


During this week or two weeks of transition, feed can be given mixed with water or milk, so that they can get used to solid food. This gradual step will make the puppy’s stomach accustomed to the food within two weeks.

What are the stages of a dog’s life and what should it eat at each stage?

Up to the age of four months, dogs eat at least four times a dayThe number of times will be reduced to three until the age of eight months, then to two until the age of one and a half years, and finally, from that age onwards, when it reaches the age of eight months, the number of times will be reduced to three. maturitycan be reduced to a once a dayThe dog can be kept either during the day or at night, depending on the dog’s and owner’s preferences.

Careful with milk

The feed should always be accompanied by water and not by milk, since milk can cause stomach problems in dogs, and many do not tolerate it. There are special puppy milks available at veterinary clinics and specialty stores.

An important tip is to check the puppy’ s weight to make sure it stays within its breed parameters. As for the amount of food, it will always depend on the breed of the dog, its size and its character.

Cristina Bonillo