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Tips for teaching your cockatoo to talk

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Cockatoos are very intelligent animals, possessing a large personality and a myriad of skills. I’m sure that after spending some time sharing with these impressive animals, you will discover the incredible company they are and how pleasant their presence can be.

To begin training your cockatoo you should consider that this requires time, you must have patience and do it little by little without exceed the time of the sessions.

When you decide to do so, choose a quiet and safe place, preferably a space with which your cockatoo is already familiar, This will make things much easier.

Another important recommendation is that you should already have earned her confidence, so that she may be willing to learn any trick that you wish to teach it.

Don’t forget the stimuli, their favorite food could be become your best ally, and of course do not forget to provide all the necessary care it requires and keep it in the best possible conditions. These animals require proper and comprehensive care, including the care of the be valued and appreciated by their owners.

Some practical tips for teaching your cockatoo to speak

  • Start the training when you are already accustomed to their new space.
  • Show yourself calm in their presence, without make sudden movements or attempt very direct contact at the beginning.
  • Gain his confidence and make him feel that he is in a safe place, which will not receive any damage.
  • Provide a clean, quiet and comfortable environment. enough space.
  • Talk to your cockatoo constantly by maintaining a discreet distance so that she does not feel threatened.
  • Use a lively tone of voice and accompany it with joyful expressions.
  • You will notice if your cockatoo shows interest for a word because it will either stare at you or dilate your pupils, so you can repeat the word several times taking care not to bore you.
  • If she tries to repeat it, reward her. reinforcement.
  • Partnership is important. If you repeat a word accompanied by an action, it will react to the stimulus by association.
  • Use short words at the beginning and pronounce them. clearly.
  • Try to place yourself in a position where you do not have to be you to stay below his eyes so that he does not assume you in a submissive position nor above her so that she doesn’t feel you as a threat. This while adapts to you.
  • Be aware of whether your bird is comfortable. with the exercises and with your presence.
  • Don’t forget to offer prizes.

This activity requires patience and time, don’t forget it.

It is important for you to know that male cockatoos can more sounds than females, as they need to attract females by making their The calls are a bit more complicated. Females will also learn to talk, but they may not make it as clear as the males.

Cockatoos can learn a large number of words and phrases. are usually ready to do so from eight months of age, although this may vary.

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