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These are the best animal video games that show the great bond with humans

For years, video games have been the most widespread means of entertainment in the world. They are so well established that more and more improvements are being made to make them more similar to reality. A special feature of video games is that they usually make animals the protagonists and if they are not, they appear as secondary characters. It is common in video games to see how animals are the ones who help and save the character in many situations. That’s why today we bring you the best animal video games of recent years, which demonstrate this great bond with humans. animal video games

The best animal video games

Ecco The dolphin (Ecco)

The player character, Ecco, is a bottlenose dolphin. He travels through time to fight hostile aliens in Earth’s oceans. It takes a journey through the histories of ancient peoples of the oceans and solves complicated riddles.

GTA V (Chop)

Chop will start as a terrifying rottweiler, but as we strengthen our relationship with him, he will become one of the best companions. The game allows for a wide range of interaction and mission completion that will help build trust with Chop. It only depends on your effort to make a great friend.

Fallout 4 (Meatball)

Meatball will be our inseparable companion in the different installments of the Fallout saga. A great friend who will accompany us on our great adventure and help us both in combat and finding objects. In addition, we will be able to talk and interact with him. The bond you can share with him will make you inseparable.

Heart of Darkness (Whisky)

Although the video game is more about the rescue of this Dalmatian. This game shows us the dangers that a boy dares to face in order to save his best friend from some truly terrifying monsters.

The last guardian (Trico)

Trico is not exactly an animal. Although if we get fanciful, this beautiful “animal” will show us the depth of a relationship between a boy and his pet. A great video game that shows that a being with reactions and emotions is a living being. Even if it is only an artificial intelligence.

Call Of Duty Ghosts (Ryley)

This German shepherd will be our faithful companion throughout this war adventure. Without it, it would be impossible for us to achieve our objectives.

These are some of the animal video games that demonstrate the great friendship with humans that can be achieved. Fun moments in which we will feel that our duty is to protect the animal more than to reach the final goal.