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Learn about the history of Penguin Bloom

This is a story like many others, which shows us the great love and benefit that animals can bring to humans. Learn the story of Penguin Bloom, the magpie who saved a family.Penguin Bloom

How Penguin Bloom saved a family’s life

After a vacation in Thailand, the Bloom’s life would change forever. Sam, the mother of this Australian family, was leaning on the railing of the terrace when it gave way and she fell into the void.

This accident left her paralyzed from the chest down. This new situation plunged her into a severe depression. Wanting to put an end to it all, unexpected help would fall from the sky.

A few months after the accident, the Bloom’s middle son found a weak magpie hatchling that had fallen from a nest. He didn’t think twice and took her home to take care of her.

She was named Penguin because of her fluffy, black and white, penguin-like plumage. Sam welcomed her as a member of the family.

How Penguin helped Sam

Sam loved having Penguin around because he “could vent to her” without feeling guilty about reliving his accident over and over again.Penguin Bloom

The veterinarian who examined the calf told them that it was very weak and that for it to survive would require a great commitment from the whole family. Without thinking about it, the Bloom’s took it upon themselves to care for the animal and take turns feeding it and keeping it company.

And as Penguin’s health improved, Sam’s depression disappeared.

Over time Penguin gained independence and was encouraged by the Bloom family to live abroad.

Today this little magpie lives in a tree in the Bloom’s garden. Penguin hasn’t forgotten his new family, though. He visits them at home when the children come home from school or whenever they forget to open a window.

Cameron, the father of the family, was the one who told Penguin’s story and the help he had given his wife. He created an Instagram account for her and uploaded the photos he had taken of Penguin during his stay with them. In a very short time, thousands of followers fell in love with this story. Now, several of these images are captured in a book “Penguin Bloom” thanks to the pen of writer Bradley Trevor Greive. In it Sam tells the story of his accident, and the help Penguin gave him.

A happy ending made possible by Penguin