Veterinary Homeopathy

Veterinary Homeopathy

We animal lovers are always looking for the best alternatives for our pets. And if the trend leads us to seek natural therapies for ourselves, why not when it comes to our furry friends?

veterinary homeopathy

Homeopathy is a different type of medicine that has its own characteristics and is based on a foundation founded on natural laws that take into account the existence of a immaterial vital principlewhich is a subtle form of energy by which the organism is capable of feeling, acting and preserving itself.

Do you want to know what veterinary homeopathy is?

Homeopathy understands any manifestation of disease as a response to a state of imbalance, sensitivity or predisposition that allows the body to become ill, not only physically, but also psychologically.

Thus, this natural alternative understands that treating the diseases suppresses the symptoms, but the imbalance will cause it to recur in the same or another pattern.

Homeopathy in animals

You’re probably wondering, but does this work with animals? The answer is: yes.

And the main reason is because vital energy is the same in all living beings; therefore, yes, these principles can be applied to your pet as well.

In this case, the role of the owners of the animal is vital for the correct functioning of the treatment, since it will be the owners who will have to answer a necessary questionnaire about their pet’s personality and tastes. In addition, of course, to administer the remedies and to be very observant of the reaction and behavior to be able to communicate to the veterinarian the changes caused by the treatment.

Another big question is, does it work for all diseases? And in this case, again the answer is yes, from the mildest to the most serious pathologies.

In addition, experts assure that, when a homeopathic treatment is started, if it acts effectively on the vitl energy, it also prevents the appearance of new diseases.

What do you think about this more natural alternative, would you use it for your pet, or do you prefer traditional medicine?

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