Do you know what the animal sounds of the jungle, savannahs and deserts are called?

jungle animalsIn the previous post we also talked about animal sounds, although on that occasion we learned which sounds are emitted by pets and farm animals. In this post we continue in the same line, but today we want to talk about how the sounds of the animals of the jungle, savannahs and deserts are called. Let’s see how many you know…

Sounds of the animals of the jungle, savannahs and deserts.

  • Let’s start with a fascinating animal, the elephant. Elephants bark or scream, did you know that?
  • The gorilla grunts.
    Therefore, what they do is emit grunts.
  • The hyena’s voice is called a howl or a laugh.
    Yes, I’m sure you knew this one from so many movies and documentaries where hyenas laugh.
  • The giraffe hums or snores.
    Nothing fancy, the giraffe shape.
  • The lion and the tiger roar
    As you may already know, its powerful and imposing sound is called roar.
  • The monkey screeches.
    Of course! Who wouldn’t know that monkeys make screeching noises.
  • The rhinoceros barrita. This one wasn’t so easy, huh?
    The voice of rhinoceroses is known as barrito.
  • And what about the crocodile, could you tell me the name of the sound they make? Well, it is said that crocodiles cry. Therefore, the sound of this dreaded animal is crying.

Fascinating, isn’t it?
Well, now that you know the sound of pets and also of animals that live in jungles, savannahs and deserts, you should know that there are many more. For example, the sounds of animals that inhabit forests and mountains, which we will talk about in the next article 😉