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The importance of animal rescue

The affection that a large part of humanity has for animals and their welfare is manifested in many ways, one of which is animal rescue.

This seeks to cancel the suffering that an animal may be undergoing, due to its living conditions or any health problem that may be affecting it.

To achieve this objective, it is common to take the animal to an environment with better living conditions and/or provide it with the veterinary care it requires.

Although animal rescue is an action that is carried out by individuals alone without representing any institution, worldwide, there are dozens of organizations, associations and foundations whose central mission is to expand the scope of such valuable work, which is highly appreciated by the animals themselves. rescued animals.

Certainly, animal rescue is a voluntary action and those who perform it do so within their limitations.

So it is understandable that some people who would like to help do not do so, because they do not feel able to do so.

We owe it to the foundations and associations that this is happening less and less, because with them it is not necessary for the person to have to adopt or have medical knowledge to give help.

By contacting the institution and reporting the case, you are already helping.

Many rescue stories tell how a simple call has changed an animal’s life.

Exemplary cases of animal rescue

Among the many stories about animal rescue, it is worth mentioning the contribution made by both the authorities and emergency response agencies, as well as the volunteers who make up several of the associations in defense of animal welfare.

This can be seen with the story of the rescue of the two-year-old Labrador named Ollie in Hingham, USA.

In 2009 Ollie fell through the ice in the harbor and it was, thanks to the efforts of the Hingham Fire Department and, in particular, firefighter Jim Sheard that the animal was transported to a hospital for treatment.

On the other side of the world, in India, the Animal Aid Unlimited association has helped dozens of cases.

To illustrate a little, it is worth mentioning that on occasions they have had to attend to dogs that have been covered in tar after falling into tar dregs.

Although the animals’ initial condition is quite tragic, once the rehabilitation process is complete and they are healed from their wounds, they inspire joy in those who rescued them.

One’s contribution

As we have tried to show, the action involved in the animal rescue is a very admirable one and one which is always appreciated by the animal lovers and defendersI was especially concerned about those adorable creatures that for some reason or another needed help to improve their condition.

The truth is that one can contribute to this great cause because, as we saw, this action can be done on one’s own by taking care of an animal in need and there are also those foundations that allow everyone to support with the few resources or capabilities they have.

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