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3 reasons to choose a dog as a pet

Certainly there is a wide variety of animals that live like in our homes. The most common is to choose a dog as a pet and fish, cats and birds will probably follow in some order.

Now, something that might be helpful to the person who has not had pets so far but wants to have one now would be a humble suggestion as to what type of animal they might choose. That is, to propose some aspects that could attract the person to choose a dog.

They are very affective

Whether small or large, it is quite common for dogs to show great affection towards their owners and the people they meet. There are bound to be exceptions, but it is very likely that if you decide to have a dog as a pet, you will be finding a companion who will seek to express affection every day. Whether by wagging its tail, lying close to you or constant licking, that pet will let you know that it doesn’t want to be separated from you.

A dog as a pet is fun

Something that is also characteristic of dogs is the active, dynamic and constantly excited attitude they maintain every day. Although there are their lazy dogs that more than spend all day lying down, the vast majority are restless and are always waiting to be taken for a walk or, on their own initiative, insist on getting one’s attention so they can play.

The fact that dogs always want to play is not only a way in which they seek to share with you, but in a way they also get you to distance yourself from everyday obligations and focus on enjoying the moment. It is also true that by playing the dog is exercised and as long as its owner plays with it then it can be exercised to some extent.

On the other hand, the playful quality of dogs is highly recommended if you have children. Nowadays, with the amount of responsibilities, obligations and daily complications, parents may not have as much disposition or time to play with their children. Having a dog as a family pet will certainly make children happy. Whether at home or in an apartment, dogs often run around. Something that naturally brings a smile to the little ones at home.

They are faithful

Dogs are considered faithful in that they always show concern and interest in their owner’s welfare. In fact, to have a dog as a pet is to have an inseparable friend, as is demonstrated by the fact that in the event of any health problem their owner may have, they stay by their side waiting for them to get better. They also demonstrate their affection for their owners by protecting them in the most extreme circumstances and even sacrificing themselves to keep them safe.

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