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Puppies rescued from infamous traders

It all happened a few days ago when 15 newborn puppies were rescued in Lima, Peru by city officials. The puppies, rescued from infamous traders, were found in terrible physical condition.

The puppies, all purebred, were found locked in boxes full of feces and in very poor sanitary conditions. In addition, they were all completely overcrowded with few possibilities to move around.

Once the puppies were removed from this deplorable situation, they were taken to the veterinarian and are being treated for malnutrition, disthemper and parvovirus, with a special diet and vaccinations that will put them in better health.

The dogs were rescued from dealers who sold the puppies to the highest bidder. Several of them had digestive problems. Once treated, the cute puppies will be put up for adoption.

Rescued kidnapped dog

The traders’ crimes not only included the mistreatment and illegal commercialization of the 15 puppies, but also the theft and commercialization of other dogs. Los Ficalizadores, authorities of Jiron de Ayacucho, Municipality of Lima, found 17 more pedigree dogs crammed into a small boarding house in the locality.

One of the dogs was identified by its owner when the news of the rescued puppies was broadcast on La Nación newscast. The dog’s owner said that days earlier he had been robbed at gunpoint by thieves who took his dog.

The rest of the dogs were taken together with the puppies to the veterinarian, many of them also had respiratory problems. The center’s veterinarian indicated that all will recover until they are released to new owners. The authorities appealed to all those who wanted to adopt.

The rescued carts are just the beginning

In spite of the various arrests that have been made at different illegal dog selling centers and the prohibitions on this economic activity, the business has increased, especially in the capital of Peru. The illegal commercialization of dogs seems to present a profitable trade for infamous people who have no dignity or love for animals.

The inspectors claim that prices for a dog can range from 100 soles to 300 soles. Many of these small puppies are products of farms where dogs are forced to mate in order to obtain puppies from breeds. Sometimes these dogs are kidnapped from their owners.

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