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How to teach your parrot to talk

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Parrot means any type of bird that has this ability. It must be remembered that within the same types there are individual differences, that males are more and better talkers than females and that the bird must be healthy and, as far as possible, young.

Gain your pet’s trust

This point is indisputable. The parrot has to feel comfortable with its owner, it has to trust him and be familiar with him. For this, treat him with respect, always remembering that the tricks are to stimulate his intelligence and abilities; your entertainment is a side effect. Be patient, constant and dedicate time to it.

Associates the word with gestures

Your parrot will learn faster if when you say “I love you” you are petting him, “good night” when you turn off the light and associations of that nature. If you see that he learns quickly, give him more difficult challenges. Some parrots are slower than others and some never speak. In that case, you should teach them a melody or a tune, although if you pay attention to the patterns of the sounds they emit, you may be surprised to recognize the doorbell of your house or the ringtone of your cell phone.