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Rare pets, the petaur

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In fact, there are many rare pets in the world, and anyone can bring to live at home almost any kind of animal that fits through the doors. However, I refer to the petaur, because more and more households are betting on this animal as a pet. And they say they are sensational playmates.

Its appearance is similar to that of a flying squirrel. They live an average of 15 years. Their size is very small, as they barely reach 18 cm. Their eyes and ears are very large and they have a long tail. This is the petaur, a nocturnal animal that, despite this small inconvenience, delights its masters. And they are very affectionate.

Favorite pets

Petauros quickly gain affection, given their sociable and cuddly nature, and their feeding does not require many complications. They are omnivores, so they eat vegetables, fruits, and unsalted nuts. They also like insects.

As for precautions, they do not tolerate fat or lactose. So avoid them in your diet.

Not everything is rosy

Petaurs are adorable but also hard to have. They need a large and high cage to be able to climb comfortably.

They need to play with you for about two hours a day, but since they are nocturnal animals, you will have to stay up late.

Especially when in heat, they give off a strong odor. You will have to clean your petaur ‘s cage daily.