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Rabbits and hairballs

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Hairballs are a problem that should always be avoided, as they cause a great deal of discomfort in pets. But in the case of rabbits, special care must be taken because, unlike cats, they cannot vomit. The rabbits are very clean animals, they are constantly grooming themselves and, in the moulting stages, they lose an enormous amount of hair. In addition to this, the rabbits are They are usually also very curious and peculiar pets that have no qualms about tasting objects that humans would never think of putting in their mouths, such as lint from the floor, cables, papers, and even playfully chewing on a rag.

Dangerous hairballs

If our rabbit If he is not very active during the day when his character is cheerful, he does not want to eat and we notice that he feels restless around his belly, he shrinks when we touch his belly, he lies down, lies down and gets up many times as if he could not find the position he wants. hairball.

It is essential to monitor the rabbit’s feces. In the days prior to an attack of hairball discomfort, they usually poop very small and scarce. A rabbit that does not poop for a whole day and has lost vitality is telling us that something is wrong.

Do not hesitate to go to the veterinarian if the animal feels pain, breathes agitated or spends more than a day without eating or defecating. It is a disorder that can be life-threatening.