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Canary care in summer

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With the arrival of heat, birds begin to lose their plumage. Summer is the moulting season and we have to make sure that our canary spends a few months as calm and comfortable as possible, because in addition to the high temperatures that are already an ordeal for them, they have to face a change that will leave their organism under minimum. Moulting is no nonsense.

Canaries and heat

We should never leave a canary exposed to direct sunlight, but keep it away from heat sources. However, for birds , air conditioning is not recommended either, as they could catch a cold. A cold for a bird is not as mild as in humans.

One of the ways to refresh them is to use a water vaporizer and shower them a little. Of course, clean, fresh water should never be lacking. We can place a bathtub for them to get in if they feel like it, although curiously, birds tend to bathe more on bad weather days than when it is very hot.

For food, you can put fruits and vegetables, but make sure that they do not wither or spoil and risk damaging their health. An excellent food for canaries in summer is cucumber. It will help them to moult and to recover their singing, while hydrating them. Besides, they love cucumber.

If you see that your canary loses plumage and itches a lot, you will find insecticides and other anti-parasites in the market. Apart from the normal moulting, it is possible that some bugs may attack it.