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The best toys for cats

If you don’t like pets to be completely dependent on you, you’ll probably have a cat in your home. Unlike dogs, they are totally independent, you don’t take them for a walk every morning and they don’t require as much special care as dogs do.

In fact, most of the day the cats go out of the house to see their surroundings and always relieve themselves in one place. However, although they are one of the most autonomous types of pets, we must also give them our support, affection and not forget their needs.

Research has shown that cats that have little movement or are very domesticated can develop various physical ailments. Hence, it is necessary for us as cat owners to be concerned about these aspects.

Cat toys are a great option when it comes to our little felines spending time playing and jumping along with these gadgets. In addition, the toys will allow cats not only to have fun, but also to develop their natural instincts such as hunting or chasing prey. In the same way, they undoubtedly have an impact on their mood, making them more relaxed and cheerful.

That is why we present you some options in cat toys that will make your pet happier.

The game for masters and pets: The reeds

It is one of the favorite types of toys for cats and can also be played with by the owner. It is a small plastic branch or stick with a string attached to it and feathers at the end, which the cat can catch by jumping.

It is a great toy to improve their physical activity, especially if your cat is still a puppy or growing. It is also one of the most economical toys on the market.

Gymnasium for cats: the scratching posts

This has been one of the latest fashions in terms of leisure objects for cats. They come in different sizes and shapes and contribute to physical activity as well as relaxation for your pet. They are small parks for cats that have a built-in bar for them to sharpen their claws, a rope, ladders or other accessories that encourage your cat to play with them.

The adorables of cat toys: stuffed animals

These are the most popular among all cats, and they are also the most economical on the market. They can be found in many sizes, shapes and colors. The most famous are those in the shape of a mouse.

You can opt for mobile options that the cat chases or those that sound when the feline grabs them. Although sometimes cats can become bored with these types of toys over time, there is a small liquid called catnip that is made from natural herbs and will attract the attention of your feline pets.

If you have decided to give your pet entertainment, remember that it is especially important to make sure that it is safe for your pet and really suits its needs. Remember that any toy you want for your cat must meet the requirements of being safe, not easily destroyed and not have a soft filling that the cat can consume.

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