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A depressed dog after vacation

A depressed dog after a vacation is quite common to observe. He thinks he was at the beach or in the mountains or in the beautiful place you chose to travel with him and, suddenly, he comes back home without so much nature, without his new canine friends and feels depressed.

Family vacations

Just as we humans get used to everything, the good and the bad, so do dogs, and perhaps at different times than yours. Family vacations are incredibly beneficial for loyal friends but also produce imbalances when they return home. There are very few dogs that do not suffer the consequences but you should not be alarmed but let him do his “mourning”. He thinks that from perhaps being on a beach, with the warm sand and the waves of the sea, looking for friends of the same species, he is now in a closed apartment or perhaps lucky enough to stay in a house with a park but alone.

How to avoid getting depressed

While you can’t be on vacation for life to keep your puppy happy, you can keep him from feeling down. How to prevent him from getting depressed will be what you will have to discover together with him, since all animals are not the same and do not react in the same way to a stimulus. One possibility is to increase the daily walks and go to parks or places where there are more puppies so you can play with them. Don’t let him be alone and feel bad. It is good that she has her space to have intimacy but if you think of outings where she could have a great time, make sure to propose them to her and she will surely take a trip right away.

The human who projects on his dog

It is quite common to see how the human who projects on his dog is because he does not assume that they are two different and sometimes even opposite breeds. It is one thing to be a person and another to be an animal, but it does not mean that the person is superior to the dog, but that they are different. If you love your animals, you will surely feel that speciesism has no place in your life and perhaps you even adore your pets (which you do not feel as such but as companions in life) more than certain people. Spend time with your dog, take care of him and find ways to live happily together.

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