Frozen cat survives after being rescued

A few months ago, in Utah (USA), a cat was rescued in the middle of a heavy snowstorm. As the threatening sky swept away many innocent animals, one of them could not even imagine how lucky he would be.


You are not a hero for rescuing

Any person who carries in his soul the desire to give an endangered animal a chance to survive is not a hero. Whoever carries out acts of good faith and expects a reward, cannot be called either a rescuer or a hero. Beyond that, an applause or recognition is a caress to the soul that the person will have to remember the smile of the little animal that was about to die.

In the midst of the snow, the frozen cat appeared.

A small, bright-eyed kitten was shivering with cold and practically stiff. But when she saw the young man, her expression changed: illusion. There, in the midst of the snow, the feline put aside its independent character and accepted human help to stay alive.

It happened just in time for Thanksgiving.

This event occurred just in time for Thanksgiving, the most important holiday in the United States. So surely this family, who did good, will have had the best dinner of their lives with the rescued animal. Among the table with all kinds of food dishes, the kitten also had its place.

Ehe animal suffered a lot until it arrived at its sweet home

With a temperature below zero, the animal suffered a lot until he reached the sweet home where he found the fireplace lit and, little by little, he could breathe warm air and at the same time he received some massages that allowed him to start to feel his muscles and different parts of his body. His luck had touched him with the magic wand.

Play and rescue

The boy, Brandon, was in charge of making this miracle come true when, playing in the snow and putting together the famous carrot doll, he saw it from afar. There was the kitten sunk in the snow, still, unable to react. It was only seconds before the young man thought of a way to remove him from that frozen place and take him to his family forever. These acts of kindness are what will remain in the hearts of Brandon and the kitten, who for months now have been like brothers, going everywhere together, taking walks everywhere and sighing with joy at being alive. Playing and rescuing are the two actions that will stay with Brandon forever.

Image extracted from the video showing the rescue: