My cat eats plants

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plant-eating catThe domestic cat, as a feline, needs from time to time to ingest some herbs and vegetables. But, although many, many theories have been proposed to explain this ingestion, none have been scientifically supported. In any case, today in puppy world we tell you the most popular and endorsed by most professionals.

Digestive issue

Popular belief says that cats love to chew on plants for the sole reason of destroying them, but they usually do it because their organism asks them to do so. According to specialists, plants and herbscause irritation of the animal’s intestinal tract, which inevitably leads to vomiting. Therefore, this voluntary consumption of plant material would be done with the “intention” of expelling the famous hairballs or other non-digestible materials found in the cat’s stomach.

Herbs in the diet

Cats in the wild can ingest as many plants as they want, but an apartment cat does not have this wonderful possibility. To include the grass in the daily diet of our kitten there are space terrines with seeds and substrate, specially prepared to be consumed. We must say that we have tested them and they are really very effective.