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Learn what your iguana is telling you

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We have already talkedabout the body language of dogs and cats. And the fact is that all animals, including humans, tell more than we keep quiet through our body language. Also iguanas.

It is important to understand how our iguana’s character is at any given moment, because only by knowing what mood he is in and what is happening to him can we avoid undesirable and unpleasant attacks.

Aggressive by genetics

Although it is true that in their genetics, iguanas are marked by their prominent strong character, they are also influenced by environmental stimuli.

There are two main reasons why an iguana may attack us: one of them is lack of confidence. In other words, if we hardly have any contact with it, or if it is an animal captured in the wild, we cannot expect it to trust us blindly. We are strangers who have imprisoned her and changed her ways.

Secondly, if the iguana is in the reproductive phase, which occurs in autumn in the case of males, or during egg-laying in females, they will defend their territory tooth and nail.

The solution is to approach her little by little and gain her trust. to pick it up, place it on your arm as if it were a tree branch. And of course, keep your fingers away from his mouth. Little by little you will gain your iguana‘s trust.