Can I make my dog vegetarian?

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Today there are many people who have opted for a vegan-oriented lifestyle and choose to exclude meat and other animal-based foods from their diet.

It also happens that our love for pets leads us to integrate them so much into our family that we want to adapt their habits and plans to our own, even in the area of food. But is it possible for a dog or cat to be healthy without eating meat?

The first thing to remember is that in their nature, dogs are omnivorous animals just as cats are carnivorous animals. In other words, in principle, they need to consume meat to maintain a balanced diet .

What happens if our pet does not eat meat?

As with people, when we decide that we are no longer going to eat meat, we have to make sure that our body does not lack any essential nutrients so that it can continue to function properly and avoid health problems. This implies the need to add to our diet some nutritional supplements, according to our new diet and our different needs. First of all, we should consult with our veterinarian about the convenience or not of modifying our pet’s diet and remember that the organism of dogs and cats is different from ours.

Cats do not

In the case of cats, eliminating meat is not recommended at all. For they need taurine to live. Taurine is an amino acid found only in animal protein.