How to avoid canine distemper

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Canine distemper is one of the diseases that can affect our dog if we do not prevent it by means of the corresponding vaccine.

Vaccine prevention

Distemper has no known cure and the only way to prevent it is through vaccination. This vaccine is very effective and does not cause any pain or danger. The first dose is given to the puppy at the second month of life. The second dose occurs at one year and then periodically every two years throughout the dog’s life.

Distemper is caused by a virus called Paramyxovirus and is highly contagious in animals, mainly affecting the dog’s digestive and respiratory system. The virus is transmitted by air and in less than 48 hours spreads throughout the body. It is impossible to eliminate it completely or to avoid contact with it, so it is advisable that the dog has its vaccinations up to date. The incubation period ranges from four to ten days.


The first symptoms consist of fever, watery eyes, decreased appetite and mucus in the nose. After two or three days, more serious symptoms appear, such as vomiting, diarrhea, tonsillitis, respiratory problems, conjunctivitis, pustules, convulsions and other nervous disorders, although not all of them appear at the same time.

Once the disease is infected, the dog must be kept in quarantine and treated with antibiotics to avoid secondary infections, following the veterinarian’s instructions.

If we have acquired or adopted a dog and we are not sure if it has the distemper vaccine, it is advisable to go to a veterinarian as soon as possible and give it the vaccine to avoid possible scares.