Cats Feeding Tips

How much food should you feed your cat?

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Do you know how much food to give your cat each day? Do you want to know how much food you should give your cat to keep it healthy and well fed? In this post we leave some tips that you may find useful to better understand your feline pet and feed it properly.

Specifications for feeding cats

While we know there is no single answer to how much food your cat should get, it is possible to find out what your pet needs each day. The answer will depend on the cat’s weight, age and even lifestyle.

Calculating how much food to feed your cat

In principle, you should know how much your cat weighs. So that you don’t get too complicated, weigh yourself with the cat in your arms and then without the cat and you will know how much your kitten weighs. After that, it’s your turn to find out what your cat’s lifestyle is like. You will then be able to evaluate the amount of food needed by applying the following index:

70* Cat’s weight * Lifestyle factor = Calories per day

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It should be noted that the lifestyle factor is calculated on a cat-by-cat basis. In general, it will be 0.6 for cats prone to weight gain, while a neutered adult cat will have 1.2. A growing kitten may have 2.5.

Thus, a 4.5 kg adult neutered cat will need to consume 259 calories per day. Remember that each pet food package has nutritional information. From there you will be able to serve your cat the estimated rations so that it does not put on weight but does not lose weight either.

How to care for a puppy cat

In general, the calories needed for cats range from 173 to 302 calories per day. A good rule of thumb to follow is that an adult cat weighing 4.5 kilograms should receive about 230 calories per day. If after a week you weigh your cat and it has lost weight, increase the amount and weigh it again a week later. This can be a good way to know that you are giving him the right rations.

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