Specifications for feeding cats

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Cats require a very balanced diet and special care in their first months of life. At six weeks or ideally, they should be weaned and begin to be accustomed to a cat food diet. There are a number of foods and products available on the market that contain vitamins and minerals that the cat needs for its bone formation and balance, since it is only after six months of age when its growth is balanced and evened out, although it does not finish growing until approximately one year of age.

Growth period

During the growth period up to six months of age, they should be fed three times a day, and the food should be moistened with water to facilitate its ingestion. Leftover food should be thrown away and not stored, as it loses its flavor when moistened. From 14 weeks onwards, kittens develop teeth, so the food may no longer be moistened. Cats also drink a lot of water, so it is important that they have a drinking fountain with fresh water at all times.


It should be remembered that cats are carnivores and eat fish as well as meat, despite the myths. Canned foods and dry feeds usually contain adequate proportions of vegetables and meats. It should also be taken into account that cats, like other animals, should not eat sugars, sweets or chocolates, as there are specific treats or prizes for them in specialized stores.

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