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Teach your cat not to urinate out of the box

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Many times kittens learn to use their mother’s litter box, but if this has not been the case, teaching your cat not to urinate outside her box can be easy. This can happen if your cat was born outdoors or if it was separated from its mother early, but the good thing is that it will learn quickly. Read on and find out how to teach your cat not to urinate outside its box.

cat not to urinate outside its boxHow to teach your cat not to urinate out of its box

  • Place your cat in a room with the litter box so he can become familiar with it.
  • After each meal, you can place your kitten gently in the litter box.
  • Make sure the box is appropriate for its size and that it can get in and out of it easily.
  • Do not use clay agglomerating sand. Sometimes, very young cats may not realize that it is not edible and choke on it.

Why your cat doesn’t use its litter box

Why does a cat urinate outside the box?

Sometimes cats urinate outside their box on a recurring basis. The first thing to rule out in this case is a medical condition. For this you should consult your veterinarian, because you could be in the presence of a urinary tract infection or other cause. To prevent this type of problem, you can take care of his diet with the right food and encourage him to stay hydrated.

Another possible cause is that it simply does not like the sand you are using. Sometimes these products have odors, so try changing it and see how it reacts. It is important that the box is appropriate to its size, neither too big nor too small. You should feel comfortable with it and be able to turn around easily. It is also important that the box is clean. If you have more than one cat, each should have its own box.

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In any case, you should keep in mind that cats do not respond well to punishment, so if your cat urinates outside its box it is not a good idea to punish it for it. You are likely to only make the situation worse.

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