Hazards for pets in the home (I)

Escrito por Mundo Cachorro

It is important for both our pets and ourselves to be aware of the risks lurking in our own home in order to prevent scares or avoid a hefty bill from the on-call veterinarian. Moreover, since we are taking over someone else’s life, we have to worry as much as if it were a baby: they don’t understand what is dangerous or what is not, they can’t even read!

Poisoning in the kitchen

We already talked about forbidden foods for dogs and forbidden foods for cats. You already know that it is fatal for animals to ingest things like garlic, avocados, chocolate, coffee, chewing gum with xylitol or salt. For this purpose, the cabinets must be closed and the food must be kept in its respective containers. If the cabinet is easy to open, then a mechanism is sought to make it more difficult.

Cleaning products and insecticides

If you have pets, carefully read the instructions for each product you use to clean your home. They are usually safe, but there are some that specify or suggest that pets should not be in the area where the product is applied until it dries, for example. Regarding insecticides, more of the same.

If you buy a flea repellent specifically for dogs, do not use it on a cat or vice versa, as each product has been designed for a specific purpose and can have harmful consequences for the animals if they are not used conscientiously.