Getting to know the American Eskimo

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The American Eskimo has a very curious history. Its name is almost a nonsense that goes against its origins, since it is neither a North American dog nor does it have anything to do with the Eskimos. This dog, in fact, is native to Germany and arose from several crosses between the Pomeranian breed, the Keeshond and other spitz dogs.

It emigrated to the United States during the 19th century and its function at that time, in addition to being a mascot, was to perpetrate circus performances. After World War II, a strong anti-German sentiment was created and the breed was renamed from being known as “Spitz” to being known as American Eskimo.

Physical characteristics

The American Eskimo is a strong dog, prepared to face harsh climates thanks to its double coat. Like dogs of the Spitz family, it has erect ears, a small head, round, brown or black eyes and a matching nose. There are three sizes: miniature, standard and toy.


As we have indicated, the American Eskimo is a dog that used to work in the circus, so it is a dog that learns relatively easily; it is intelligent and obedient. He can sometimes seem reserved, but he is not overly shy and gets along well with other animals. He tends to be dominant with respect to smaller pets.