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Firefighter helps koala surviving a fire


When a fire spreads and ravages a landscape with its devastating flames, it is not only trees and landscape that are lost, the consequences are devastating, becoming an inferno for all the animals that inhabit the area.

An image of a fire is a sad image. But sometimes it also leaves traces of hope? And that’s what we want to tell you today, a beautiful story of hope starring a cute koala and a hero dressed as a fireman.

Australia was suffering from a wave of fires that ended up leaving many hectares of the country desolate. Too many totally burned landscapes that will need many years, decades, perhaps longer, to recover. Landscapes inhabited by many species that struggled to escape and survive that hell. Many, most of them, did not have good luck. But thanks to footage of firefighters working to extinguish the flames, we get to meet Sam, a koala who managed to survive the fire and wandered through the forest disoriented and dehydrated.

The firefighters found him and the images show us the tenderness that any animal gives off and the gratitude when they are treated with respect, compassion and love. And that’s how this firefighter treated the koala they would later call Sam, with deep respect.

The animal was frightened, disoriented and totally dehydrated…. It is really amazing and very tender how the koala drinks water from the bottle offered by the fireman.

This time, it was a happy ending. And the firefighter’s performance was admirable and an example.