How to remove stains from your dog’s tears

In most dogs with light coats, a brown or reddish colored spot can be detected at the corners of the eyes. These stains are produced by the dog’s tears. When your dog cries, your dog’s tears contain a series of minerals that cause rust when in contact with the air. Additionally, due to its wet texture, it wets the coat creating bacteria that causes that brownish hue under the eyes.

Usually, when your pet has a lot of tearing, it may be a sign of a blocked tear duct, poor nutrition or allergies. Verify that your dog does not tear excessively, check that his eyes are not irritated, in order to make sure that these tear stains are not caused by other problems, it is recommended to consult your veterinarian.

Causes of eye spots.

There are several factors that influence the production of a spot under your dog’s eye. One of them is the nutrition you offer to your dog, a balanced diet based on protein, allows the reduction of spots in your canine.

Health problems are one of the possible causes of the appearance of these spots. One of them could be fleas, they cause many problems when they lodge in the fur area of your dog’s eye, they defecate there, accumulating those feces and creating a brownish shade under the eye. On the other hand, there are ear infections and allergies.

Also, another cause is the type of breed your pet is. Small dogs often have small tear drains inside their eyes which cause them to tear excessively.

How to prevent tear stains

There are several tips you should take into account to reduce and eliminate the appearance of stains in your pet’s tear ducts. But first you must examine your dog to determine the cause of his tears.

It is advisable to keep your canine’s eye clean, to prevent the accumulation of eyelashes, eyelashes or debris around the eye to avoid excessive tearing. Carefully cut any long hair around the eye, as these hairs tend to get tangled and cause a possible eye infection.

To prevent stains, constantly wipe your dog’s face with damp towels. Apply warm water or chamomile around your pet’s tear duct, be very careful when rubbing, and use a separate washcloth for each eye.

Offer your pet bottled water, tap water can contain many minerals that cause tears to stain more than normal. It is advisable to add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the water trough, this will help to visibly reduce the stains. Vinegar produces acidity in your tears making it hostile to bacteria and fungi.

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