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Debunking animal myths: 3 things you assumed to be true but are NOT

myths about animalsThere are so many animal myths that it would be practically impossible to count them all. And many of them are not true. That’s the purpose of this post, to debunk myths about animals that you have always assumed to be true, but are not…

3 animal myths you always thought were true

Red color makes bulls violent

One of the most widespread myths is that bulls become enraged when they see the color red. And this is TOTALLY FALSE.

Humans and some animals can see many colors, but the truth is that many other animals have trouble distinguishing and identifying many colors, and guess what? bulls are among these animals!

Scientific studies have been conducted in this regard. And what science is saying is that bulls, far from being enraged by flags, costumes or red fabrics, react to them by movement.

Cheetah is the fastest animal in the world

The cheetah has earned a reputation as the fastest animal in the world. It is not true, although it is not a totally wrong belief either. Let’s explain it better…

The cheetah, in fact, is the fastest land animal in the world. Terrestrial!
However, it is not the fastest animal in the world. That position is occupied by the Falco Peregrinus, better known as the Peregrine Falcon. This bird can reach 300 km/h when it makes dive attacks while hunting.

Ostrich buries its head in the sand

Probably much of the blame for this belief lies with the saying“you buried your head in the sand like an ostrich“, which can be interpreted to mean that you have avoided responsibility or looked the other way when faced with a problem.
Something ostriches supposedly do when they sense or sense danger.

Probably the key and origin of this belief is that ostriches tilt their heads towards the ground. However, they do not bury it.