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Why dogs tremble: everything you need to know

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Do you want to know why dogs tremble?

In general, shivering in humans is caused by low temperatures: the body responds by shivering to cold. In dogs, cold can also cause shivering, but there can be many other causes for your dog to shiver. Here we explain some of them.

5 causes of why dogs tremble

The cold

This is the most frequent cause of tremor in dogs. However, you have to remember that pets’ temperatures are higher than people’s, so you won’t be able to tell if they are cold or not just by touching their body. So in the colder months, it is important to be aware of shivering in pets, especially if they remain outdoors and even more so if they are small breeds.


A typical response of a dog to a circumstance that provokes fear or anxiety is trembling. For example, loud noises such as fireworks, environmental factors such as windstorms, thunder and lightning, can cause your dog to feel very anxious and frightened and cause tremors. If it trembles too much, it will be prudent to consult a veterinarian about what to do in these cases.

The joy

There are some dogs that have a more emotional character than others. The excitement of seeing their owner return home can make them tremble with joy. In others, the excitement of an everyday activity such as seeing the food that will go on the plate can make them tremble as well.

By apprenticeship

It may have happened that your pet has been shaken by some circumstance and this has generated an attention-getting response, such as cuddling him or treating him more affectionately. Then, the dog will be able to understand that the trembling generates a response and with it gets the desired attention.

By disease

It is possible for a dog suffering from a disease that causes tremors. Dogs can also tremble because of pain, so do not dismiss this sign and notify your veterinarian, as you may be in the presence of a major problem.

Why dogs tremble, most common diseases

Although there are many diseases that can cause tremor in your pet, the most common are:

  • Hypoglycemia. Low blood sugar in a dog can cause tremors, lack of appetite and decay.
  • Arthritis. If your dog’s tremors are localized, that is, in only one area of his body, it could be a symptom of arthritis or another inflammatory disease.
  • Distemper. This disease usually occurs in dogs under one year of age and is accompanied by seizures and fever. Do not hesitate to take him to the veterinarian, as this disease can be fatal.
  • Intoxication. There are some substances and foods that are toxic to dogs. If the tremors are accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea and decay, your dog could be intoxicated.

In general, if you suspect that your dog’s tremors have a cause other than emotional, go to your veterinarian and ask for advice without wasting time.


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