Pomeranian: a coat that requires care

The Pomeranian is a Nordic breed of dog whose main characteristic is its small size and the beauty of its long and abundant coat. This coat is precisely one of the main cares required by this small dog whose weight rarely exceeds two kilograms.

Two-layer hair

The pomeranian’s coat is made up of two layers, a very dense and soft inner layer, and an outer layer, which is long, straight and coarser. It is necessary to know that females shed their undercoat during estrus, after giving birth and during periods of stress, while males shed their undercoat annually.

Its large amount of dense hair makes it look for cool corners to rest, especially in summer.

Special requirements

This hair requires special daily care. A daily brushing of the hair is recommended, although if you lack the time it can be reduced to twice a week. Otherwise, the Pomeranian’s hair tends to tangle and is impossible to untangle. To perform the brushing it is necessary to wet the hair beforehand. Periodic haircuts are also recommended to clean up the coat.

As for baths, paradoxically, it is not necessary to bathe very often, as they can damage the shine of the animal’s coat and skin.

Cristina Bonillo