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3 tips for feeding a ferret

Lately one of the most fashionable animals to have as a pet is the ferret. These cute little gray animals are comparable to owning a dog or a cat, since they are supremely intelligent and trainable.

However, many owners think that because they are similar to dogs and cats, their diet can be as varied as that of other pets. But that could not be more false, because the ferret although it is a carnivorous animal has a very small digestive tract and the digestive process is really fast.

The above explanation shows that the ferret cannot process plant foods since its digestive system is not complex enough to process them. Instead, they should be fed a diet based on proteins derived from meat,

If you want to know how to feed a ferret, you should read the following recommendations.

What a ferret eats

For a ferret to be really satisfied, it is necessary to make a mix of vitamins, proteins and fibers in its diet that allow the pet to feed and nourish itself in the right way. Fortunately, the pet industry has created a wide variety of food ideal for ferrets that combines dry food with terrine, with a high percentage of animal protein and a minimum percentage of fat. This is the most recommended for this type of pet since it prevents the formation of tartar in their mouths.

It has been shown that much of the water-soaked food consumed by this pet contributes to the formation of bacteria in its mouth that can cause oral diseases that can lead to death.

What type of food can be offered

Since the ferret is a carnivore, meat is the main element to offer to this type of pet. A balanced diet for a ferret should always contain a meat-based food that meets its nutritional needs. It can be offered small prey such as mice, chicks or animal visors, as it is really economical and healthy for the animal.

It is important to point out that pork is forbidden in the ferret’s diet because in the ferret’s organism a bacterium can develop that can be harmful to the ferret and can lead to death.

If you wish to vary the type of food, you can also offer wheat or rice flour as a reward. However, it should be remembered that too much of this type of food can lead to intestinal problems or constipation in ferrets.

When to feed a ferret

While the ferret’s daily diet should be based on the aforementioned meat proteins and sufficient water consumption. It is necessary to know that many of them tend to become obese due to food intake.

This is because their digestive system is so small that much of the food they eat is poorly processed. That is why the recommendation when feeding a ferret is to feed it between 10 and 12 hours, always placing enough water in its cage for its hydration.

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