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Keys to a balanced and happy dog

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Raising a puppy can be a very satisfying job. But it is also possible to make some mistakes that could later lead to problems with your puppy. In any case, in this article we have prepared a series of tips that will help you in the upbringing and with which you will be able to have a balanced dog.

Of course, in order to have a happy dog, it will be necessary to give him the necessary care so that he can develop. But it also needs to have clear boundaries that you will need to set. And it is also important that you provide positive parenting with appropriate doses of affection.

Keys to raising a balanced dog

Some keys to raising a balanced, happy and healthy dog are as follows:

  1. Early socialization. From the earliest age you need to expose your puppy to a variety of people, animals and situations. In this way he can learn to develop his confidence and to relate correctly with other dogs and also with people. They will also become familiar with different stimuli that will allow them to broaden their perceptions and intelligence.
  2. Set routines and limits. A dog that has a clear structure in its life will be a much more confident and secure dog. This is equivalent to having regular schedules for eating, as well as for different activities. For example, walks, rest and even entertainment. Setting clear rules and boundaries is also important for your dog to understand what is expected of him.
  3. Positive training. Positive reinforcement is one of the training techniques that are fundamental to raising a balanced dog. The idea is to use rewards, praise and positive reinforcement when your dog behaves correctly. In addition, it is important that you avoid physical punishment or the use of aggressive training techniques. This type of training can generate fear and even aggression in a dog.
  4. Exercise and mental stimulation. Every dog needs daily doses of physical exercise. He also needs to have daily mental stimulation. This is very important to keep him balanced and happy. To achieve this, take into account that your dog will need regular walks, but also games with which he can interact with you. You also need to provide him with toys that allow him to stay active and stimulated physically and mentally.
  5. Veterinary care. Just as important as the previous points is taking care of your dog’s health. This implies that their vaccinations must be up to date, as well as deworming. Keep in mind that visits to the veterinarian should be regular and at the times indicated by the veterinarian. Here you must take into account that it is important to take care of their fur and teeth as well.
  6. Adequate food. Dogs may have different dietary needs throughout their lives. That is to say, he will not have the same nutritional needs when he is a puppy as when he is a senior dog. At all stages of their life, you must adapt their diet to the requirements of the moment. And, of course, provide it with balanced, adequate and good quality food.
  7. Love. Your dog needs your love and affection to fully develop. Take care to spend quality time with him and you will be rewarded with one of the purest affections in the world.

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