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7 tips to keep your hare warm in winter

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Pet care is a priority for everyone, especially in the cold months. Winter is one of the biggest complications to keep an animal healthy, because its low temperatures are not easy to combat for everyone. But unlike most dogs, cats or birds, rabbits and hares have a superior resistance to the harshness of winter.

However, this does not mean that owners should not provide them with protection when the cold, rains and snow come, especially when they are domestic animals that are not accustomed to external weather changes. For this and more it is necessary to know the top 7 tips to keep your hare warm in winter.


Care of the environment

For every pet it is essential to have a place of its own to rest and get away from the stress of everyday life. This is even more important in the cold season, since this will ensure that the animal is not exposed to humidity and cold, which can be extremely detrimental to its health.

Among the items to consider to keep your hare protected from winter are:

  • Obtain an appropriate hutch that complies with the minimum measurements so that a rabbit or hare can feel comfortable. Both the roof and sidewalls should be constantly checked to ensure that they are not leaking or moldy. It is highly recommended to place a waterproof protector on the hutch.
  • The rabbit hutches should always be placed at a medium height away from the ground to avoid predators and to avoid being affected by puddles or ice formations. In addition to this, the hutch should be positioned in a place where the inclement weather does not directly hit the animal and the facilities themselves. If possible, it should be in an internal part of the home such as a garage (which should not be in use).
  • The use of newspapers and hay as an insulating tool in the soil is very useful, but it is necessary to remember that they must be changed at least every two days; otherwise they could become another source of humidity and diseases.
  • Something that is necessary to consider regarding the environment is the adaptation that the rabbit or hare has with it, since abrupt changes of place could negatively affect its health. Rabbits or hares that have been raised all their lives indoors require more care than those accustomed to the outside climate, and for their well-being, it is not at all advisable to expose them directly to the cold of winter.

General care to consider

Some general tips to keep your hare warm in winter:

  • Increase the amount of food given daily. Rabbits and hares are mammals that do not hibernate, so they need to consume a greater amount of food during winter days to keep their metabolism working and generate heat.
  • It is important that the animal is well hydrated, so make sure that fresh water is always available and that it is not frozen.
  • It should not be forgotten that for a hare or rabbit, exercise is essential, especially in the cold months. Having an exercise and play area, as well as performing various activities with its owner, is a vital element for the animal’s health.

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