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7 curiosities about butterflies

butterfliesButterflies are one of the most beautiful and amazing creatures on the planet. They are part of countless mythologies, they have become the animal guide of many people, they appear continuously in fantasies… in short, it is a fascinating animal. But what do you know about these animals?
With this post we want to bring you a little closer and let you discover some curiosities about butterflies that you probably didn’t know.

Most butterflies are nocturnal insects.

Interestingly, the vast majority of the best known butterflies are diurnal, but in contrast to them most species are nocturnal.

This is the reason why they go so unnoticed and are not so easy to see.

Live for a few weeks

The life of this insect is relatively short. Most butterfly species live between 2 and 4 weeks. Although there are some exceptions, such as the monarch butterfly, which can live up to 10 months.

The wings of butterflies are transparent

Incredibly, the wings are transparent. The reason why we perceive them with these marvelous colors is that they are covered with scales that, in addition to serving the butterfly to regulate its temperature, reflect the different lengths of light.

Don’t you find it fascinating?

Only survive in warm temperatures

Butterflies, in order to survive, require environments with a warm temperature ranging from 27ºC to 38ºC.

They can lay up to 500 eggs

The truth is that the number is not the same for all butterfly species, but some of them can lay up to 500 eggs, although most of them do not manage to survive to the adult stage.

There is a butterfly with transparent wings

Although as we have seen in one of the previous points, they all have transparent wings and it is the scales that make us perceive the colors, there is a species of butterfly known as “glass butterfly”, which has transparent wings and we can perceive them this way.

To fly they need a certain body temperature

Another of the curiosities of this animal is that it can only fly if its body temperature is above 29.4ºC (79.4ºF).

And you, did you know all this data?