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5 mental health benefits of owning a pet

Pets have become a very special companion, not only because they are always by our side, and give us their affection, but also because they have become true members of the family, sometimes becoming children for the members of some family groups.

Having a pet is not only about fulfilling the responsibility of caring for and protecting them, it has also become an opportunity to improve our metal health. The bonds that each member of the household develops by having a pet make us have different reactions that improve the family dynamics and quality of our lives.

Recent studies have shown that having a pet not only improves family relationships, but also has great advantages for our physical health. If you are thinking about having a pet and have not decided, learn about the benefits of having a pet for your mental health and decide to adopt once and for all.

Reduces stress

Research from Ohio University showed how levels of oxytocin, the hormone of happiness and relaxation, increase when petting a pet. In fact, researchers recommend petting the pet’s fur at least once a day, as well as playing with them.

Owning a pet prevents depression

Pets generate in people a sense of companionship and security that avoids the feeling of loneliness. That is why it is indicated that having a puppy prevents depression as it stimulates contact and communication.

It is even recommended to talk to pets, as this also allows to reduce anxiety and depression, as it clears the mind of thoughts and gives well-being to explore our own feelings.

Improves mood

Studies have shown that people who have pets such as dogs or cats, have better moods than those who do not, even playing with the pet makes them feel less sad in difficult times.

By playing with pets, humans produce the secretion of a hormone called dopamine, which controls cortisol, the hormone responsible for producing stress.

Creates a healthy life

Animals have been shown to provide a sense of well-being and fulfillment. People who have pets such as cats or dogs are happier, less stressed and have longer life expectancies.

Promotes the development of responsibility

There is nothing more effective in creating responsibility in a child than giving them a pet. This allows him to develop care over a being that depends on him. Pet ownership allows you to learn to set priorities based on the animal’s needs.

In the case of children it is ideal because it not only encourages responsibility but also respect for other beings. Dogs are ideal to create these values in the little ones, as they are care animals and stimulate the affective bond, the child feels responsible for him and for his care.

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