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The best toys for dogs

Both children and puppies need distraction and recreation, and one of the best ways to do this is with toys. Dog toys have become as famous as those created for our children.

In the case of puppies they need to feel entertained, otherwise they will be chewing and breaking furniture or shoes in the house. There is nothing worse than having a bored puppy, as his energy must be drained somehow.

Christmas gifts also with dog toys

Just as in December we dedicate ourselves to choose in detail the toys for our smallest family members, detailing the most adapted, educational and that most attract their attention, we must also look for the toys for dogs that best suit them.

Although it may seem like a simple task because of the countless quantities of items in pet stores, it is actually more complicated than you might expect. In principle, it should be a toy adapted to the pet and with which it can entertain it enough to spend enough energy.

Another great advantage of toys for dogs is that they develop their intelligence and understanding of things and other beings around them. However, first of all you have to take into account a series of recommendations before choosing the best toys for your pet.

In principle, you should not choose toys so small that the puppy or dog could swallow and choke on them. Likewise, you have to choose objects that can be bitten and do not release any type of harmful element for the dog’s health.

Do not choose just any object as a toy, for example, giving your children’s old toys can hurt the dog. Make sure you give him the best by buying items designed for dogs.

Some of the best toys on the market are as follows:

The fun balls

There is nothing more typical to play with a dog than a ball. They love to run after them and the great advantage of this product is that the puppy can nibble it as many times as he wants and it will not hurt him, besides it will help with his teething.

Stuffed animals as dog toys

There is nothing cuddlier than watching a puppy with its stuffed animal while it sleeps. Just like humans, dogs can become attached to objects and take them as companions.

If you have a calm, tender and affectionate puppy, this is the best option for him. Just remember that the stuffed animal should not be made of cotton or synthetic fabrics that could hurt the dog’s stomach if it were to break or nibble it.

Leather bones

Another famous dog toy is the leather bone. It works very well for dogs that are very restless and tend to bite everything in their path. This object has triumphed in the market thanks to the fact that the dog can chew and eat at the same time. Remember to be careful with this toy, as it must be of high quality so that the dog does not suffer any inconvenience when chewing it.

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