Care Dogs Feeding Tips

The unconditional love of dogs

Dogs are charming animals that are not only loyal but also super affectionate with their environment. If you have just adopted your dog, you will surely have thousands of doubts to clarify, but don’t despair. You will learn together with your pet almost everything important.

Grooming a dog

Just as cats are not usually bathed, grooming a dog is very important, not only to prevent them from contracting diseases but also to prevent them from being exposed to certain allergies and skin problems. Think that beyond the fur that covers him, he has skin like you, so you should do your best to bathe your dog once a week. It is not a matter of overdoing it and doing it every day, since it will not be good for him either, but one day of the week that you choose for that purpose. He probably won’t enjoy the water very much at first, but you’ll notice that little by little he’ll get used to it.

It is not good for him to eat more than twice

In fact, if a dog has within reach something that is to its liking, it can eat without limit. Remember that it is not good for him to eat more than twice a day. Keep in mind that it is not human and therefore does not need to have breakfast or snacks. The important thing is that you feed him twice a day the rations indicated by his veterinarian. Neither too little nor too much.

Dog treats

The dog treats should never replace the food you feed them daily. Think about what a treat means to a child: a pleasure that he or she will eat from time to time. That is why your daily rations should not be replaced by this one. Treats are usually chemical, like balanced food, so don’t abuse them and try as much as possible to give him the food yourself to avoid future illnesses that you can’t cure.

If you take into account the dog’s health, its feeding, its leisure and recreation time and walk it outdoors, you will be able to see it grow very strong, full of vitality and with all the energy necessary to play until the evening. Keep in mind that adopting an animal is an act of love and also of responsibility so give them your time and affection to enjoy life together.

Image source: portaldog