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How to feed a newborn cat

Care for cats, especially if they are small newborn kittens, is vital to keep them healthy and energetic. One of these cares is feeding, however, feeding a newborn cat is difficult and many owners have to assume this role, either because the mother has rejected the offspring or because they have adopted it a few days after birth.

Ideally, in all cases, the young kitten should remain with its mother and be fed by her for at least the first eight (8) weeks of life. In the event of a rescue or the death of the mother, the intervention of the owners is vital in order not to lose the life of the little one.

There are many elements to consider if you want to feed the brood. One of these elements is the preparation of the bottle and finding the most relaxing position for the kitten to feed.

Here are some recommendations to make it easy for you to feed your little cat:

Get a foster mom

A newborn kitten can only consume cat’s milk. You should not feed him with any human supplement as you may damage his digestive system. The best recommendation is to find a cat that will nurse the kitten. For this you can consult a veterinarian for some options.

However, you should consider that even if you find a cat that will nurse the kitten, the kitten may reject it and will try to harm it if it approaches. That is why you must be present when you bring your kitten close to the cat. A good trick is to transfer the scent of the kittens from the cat to the adoptive one, you can do this by petting the newborns and then rubbing your kitten.

Supplements for feeding a newborn cat

Another option to get milk is with a cat milk supplement that you can find in pet supply stores. The most prominent and best quality brands are Cimicat and Just Born. But before deciding on any of these options the recommendation is to consult with the veterinarian.

A last choice in case the milk supplement is not available, is to use rice water. To do this you must cook the rice, just a little, and use the water as a food supplement for the small cat.

How to feed the kitten

Once you have obtained the food to start the feeding process, you will need to prepare all the implements. In the first instance, you will have to get a bottle and a bottle for cats, which you can get in pet stores.

Some people also use a syringe to feed a newborn cat, but this is not recommended because it can be rejected by the animal and the plastic can damage its mouth. Don’t forget to sterilize everything before feeding.

When to feed kittens

Planning feeding time is vital for the health of small felines. Plan your bottle-feeding time. Just like a newborn baby, kittens eat all the time, since their metabolism is more accelerated and their stomach is very small.

To know when to feed it you must measure its body temperature. If the kitten is warm it is still processing the food inside. As its temperature drops, the time to feed it again approaches.

Finally, don’t forget to cuddle your newborn. They need to feel comfortable and relaxed to start eating.

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