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The rescue of kittens that moved the social networks

The heartwarming story, which became the true miracle of kitten rescue, unfolded in Brazil, when a group of rescuers performed a series of different maneuvers to pull out four kittens that were trapped in pipes. It all happened when the 4 kittens fell down a pipe.

The event, which occurred at the Araras Cultural Center in Sao Paulo, was spotted by a number of employees and passers-by at the cultural center who began to hear repeated meows without knowing where they were coming from. It was only about 30 minutes later that they realized that the noises were coming from the pipes.

The anguish of kitten rescue

A group of animal activists did not want to leave the site and decided to look for the exact spot where the kittens were locked up. To his surprise the noises were coming from a part of the floor through which a series of pipes ran.

Due to the emergency, they appealed to the authorities of the Municipal Water, Sewage and Environmental Services. When the service entities arrived, they thought it was just a locked cat, but what they did not imagine was that there would be 4 small children who were in danger of losing their lives if they remained locked in those pipes. It was then that they decided to proceed to rescue the kittens with the help of a construction company that was on the site.

The rescue patrol had to use a number of maneuvers to drill through the floor and get the kittens out of the enclosure. But it was the use of a hydraulic hammer that really lifted the ground and got the kittens out.

After lifting the floor

Once they were able to open the floor, they realized that there were four kittens only a few days old. The little ones were in terrible conditions, they were dirty, wet and meowed incessantly because of the cold and fear they had.

Fortunately, rescuers managed to get them out of that deadly confinement and free them from certain death. The kittens apparently got there after they fell down a stormwater drain on the roof of the building.

Some witnesses report seeing a pregnant cat on the roof a few days earlier. It is presumed that the kittens were born at the site and for unknown reasons fell down the storm water pipe and ended up in the basement of the building.

The kittens are currently healthy and safe. They were immediately transferred to an animal care center, where they were cared for and are now waiting for a family to take them in as pets.

The news of the rescue of the kittens went around the world through social networks as many witnesses recorded the moment when they managed to free the little felines. The transmission of the video reached the point of becoming one of the most searched news on the net for the next few days.

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