5 Documentaries that want to abolish cruelty to animals

In order to become aware that animal abuse still exists today, we bring you these 5 documentaries that want to abolish cruelty to animals.Abolish animal abuse

We know that no one likes to see small creatures that only need to be cared for and loved, and not treated as food, being harmed. That is why we have to be aware of what is being done to animals today.

Many animals are used for human consumption, they are born to serve. They are bred for one purpose, to be eaten. They are not given a proper life and are fed with hormones. Actually, these animals are seen as products, not as living beings.

That is why we bring you these 5 documentaries that show the barbarities that are done to animals, with them we have tried to abolish cruelty to animals.

5 Documentaries that want to abolish cruelty to animals.

Blood of the Beasts

A black and white film produced in 1949 by Georges Franju. This is not a documentary that shows explicit violence abolish animal abuse, but rather tries to raise awareness of what happens in slaughterhouses. In this case a slaughterhouse in the city of Paris, this documentary has been considered one of the first to expose the cruelty suffered by animals.

The cove

This documentary by Louie Psilhoyos, deals with dolphin hunting in Japan, and shows us how dolphins are eventually sold to water parks or as food. This heartbreaking documentary will not leave you indifferent to see the cruelty with which they are treated, they are persecuted, cornered and hunted in the cruelest way.


This documentary by Gabriela Cowpethwaite, tries to explain the conditions in which orcas find themselves in captivity. Killer whales are known for their aggressive and murderous nature.

But, this documentary shows that there have been no recorded attacks by killer whales other than those living in captivity. It is the subhuman conditions and torture that make these orcas aggressive animals.

Off the Chain

From Bobby J. Brown, it shows what the real world of Pitt Bull fighting is like in the United States. The director went so far as to film this documentary by infiltrating the hidden world of dogfighting.

An incredible documentary that shows the worst of this world where animals are mistreated and forced to confront each other for human amusement.


This is the truly life-changing documentary created by Shaun Monson. This documentary took six years to film due to the difficulty in obtaining all the material clandestinely.

The documentary explores the mistreatment of animals in almost every industry in which they are used, from agriculture to pet stores.

Raising awareness and changing the world is in our hands. Let’s save the planet and those who inhabit it.