Learn about the history of Jack of Swansea

It is well known that dogs are faithful and loyal animals. But just in case there are any doubters left, Jack’s story will convince you just how wonderful these animals are. golden retriever

In Swansea, one of the largest cities in Wales, lived Jack, a black Golden Retriever dog who stayed with his owner during the 1930s.

Jack’s story is a powerful story that deals with courage and sacrifice; virtues that have always characterized dogs…

The story of Jack a Swansea dog

One afternoon in June 1931, Jack was taking a nap in the vicinity of the Swansea River. Suddenly his sleep was interrupted by screams and he awoke to a call for help coming from the river itself. It did not take him long to understand that something abnormal was happening and perhaps his instinct alerted him that it was something not very good…..

Jack ran off in the direction of the screams…. And there he discovered a boy in the water who was drowning. The current dragged him without respite, the force of the water did not allow him to escape.

And without thinking twice Jack jumped into the river in search of him with the inertia to get him out of there, to save his life, to help him.

After pulling his body Jack managed to pull him closer to shore, thus saving the boy’s life.

It may seem unbelievable. But the most shocking thing is that this was not an isolated event, because a few weeks later, this incredible and brave dog returned to pull another swimmer out of the same river in the same conditions…

And so, over the course of the decade it was recorded that Jack had saved 27 people from drowning in that dangerous river.

For his courage, Jack received a silver medal from Swansea Council and a cup from the Mayor of London.

How does Jack’s story end?

Jack dies in 1937 from ingesting rat poison. His grave, which is located on the seafront in Swansea, where a monument was erected in tribute to our beloved hero.

In 2000, Jack was named dog of the century by associations that train domestic dogs in water rescue techniques. All this for its unquestionable value.

Jack’s story serves to make us realize that a dog is a great companion, a great friend and one of the most unconditional loves we will ever have in our lives. To convince us that we still have a lot to learn from these furries.