5 birds that make good pets for children

Caring for a pet is a perfect way to instill respect and responsibility for living things in children. That is why it is important to teach them as much as possible about them and their peculiarities before they start their adventure with an animal.

Birds are very interesting pets and will allow children to know, experience and appreciate a lot of good times. But they are animals that require certain care and delicate treatment. Therefore, it will be essential to know which are the 5 birds that are good pets for children and that are best adapted to these circumstances.


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1. Canaries

Canaries are one of the most popular birds to have as pets. They have a unique personality that they express through their bright colors and songs. However, they are not birds that like excessive handling by humans and usually prefer to be quiet in a comfortable place.

Canaries as pets are a great companion and do not require a lot of time on a daily basis. So they are a good option for children who are still starting in the world of birds or who do not have much free time. They are very delicate animals.

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2. Diamonds

They are small birds with a very characteristic plumage pattern. And they have docile and friendly personalities when they have been well socialized and treated. They can live alone or with small groups of birds of the same species, being suitable for small households due to their size. Although they have little tendency to nibble, excessive handling may stress them.

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3. Nymphs

Nymphs stand out for their unique appearance and personality wherever they are. Although they do not have a great capacity for speech imitation, they are very skilled at learning tricks and intoning melodies. Nymphs as pet birds require a greater investment of time and care, so they are more recommended for children over 8 years old and who have in mind the responsibility of taking care of this bird.

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4. Parakeets

Parakeets are one of the birds that make good pets for children, especially for their charisma and sociability. This last point requires care, because if you have only one specimen you will have to dedicate a greater amount of time per day to it. Their sociability is also one of their greatest strengths, as they interact very well with other people and domestic birds when properly and kindly treated.

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5. Turtledoves

Turtledoves are birds with a friendly, endearing and unaggressive personality. Although unpopular in countries other than the United States, these birds make great household companions. They are quiet and love to wander around different places, but very rarely cause any disorder.

It is important to emphasize that the selection of a pet bird must respond to certain elements, being compatible with the child’s personality, the time available and the care that can be provided to the bird.