3 ways to calm a frightened cat

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When a cat is distressed, frightened, stressed or anxious, it is a complicated task to make it feel safe again.

There are multiple factors that can trigger these states in felines, so knowing these 3 ways to calm a frightened cat are very useful.

Especially for first-time owners or those who are just getting to know their new furry friend.

The environment as a calming medium

The environment plays a key role in calming a cat. Depending on this, the cat may feel trapped or in a situation of imminent risk.

Or on the contrary, you can feel safe and secure.

The key to this aspect is hiding places, high places to position themselves and escape routes visible to the animal.

An environment free of noise, lights or objects that may be intimidating is also important.

If the cat has a high place to climb to feel safe and contemplate the situation, as well as a hiding place in case of a strategic retreat, it will calm down much faster in fearful situations.

If the environment is comfortable and offers options, the cat will be more relaxed.

People and their body language

People can function as a calming or stressor for the feline depending on their body language and actions.

In these cases, you should avoid approaching the cat without warning, and even more so when the cat tries to do everything possible to move away or defend itself.

It is important that the person is calm and expresses this with their body, so that the cat can pick up on the signals.

Slow movements, low tone of voice, no direct or abrupt approaches and no staring into the eyes is the main thing.

The person should allow all first approaches to be made by the cat, except in life-threatening emergency situations, but still maintain a calm demeanor.

The person should make his presence known, but without imposing it on the feline, which will make him feel accompanied but not overwhelmed.

Diffusers of pheromones, herbs and other soothing elements

There are several tools specially designed as ways to calm a frightened cat.

One of the best known are artificial feline pheromone diffusers and essential oils such as lavender and honeysuckle.

There are also particular foods that serve to calm a cat, as well as medications.

However, all these tools should be used with prior recommendation of a veterinarian or specialist, especially medications and food.

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