3 ideas to keep your dog from destroying your home

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It is not at all uncommon after an outing to work to find your home ravaged by a hurricane in the form of a dog. This is often one of the main problems for dog owners, and not only with puppies. There are several reasons why a dog may destroy everything he finds, so these ideas to stop your dog from destroying your home could be useful.

Find out the reason for their behavior

A dog will never destroy its home for the simple pleasure of seeing its owner suffer, it always has a motive behind it. Reason that the owner must identify in order to find the right solution to prevent your dog from destroying your home.

The main causes are separation anxiety, boredom, lack of exercise, stress, old age, depression, hunger or even as a symptom of illness. To find this out, the owner must analyze the dog’s day-to-day life. And answer the questions of when it happens, what other signs or behaviors it shows, and when it is not.

By answering this, the person will be able to get a better idea of what needs to be done to find a solution. Emphasizing that you should always remain calm and understanding, and not yell at him or punish him for this.

Keep your body and mind active

Activity is fundamental to have a happy dog and a house free of damage. Daily exercise routines, games, among other activities, will be very helpful in controlling this behavior.

Mental exercise through toys such as the famous Kong, teething toys, hiding treats and toys for him to look for, or playing catch, are of great help to keep him active and healthy. These activities are one of the most useful tools to prevent your dog from destroying your home.

Always make sure to keep your body and mind active, both when you are present and when you need to leave. Hiding some treats at home and leaving toys such as the Kong at his disposal will be your greatest ally.

Reorganize your home

Remember to keep away from him, any object that can bite or swallow. As well as positioning several teething toys near the furniture that he usually nibbles on.

In the case of older dogs, it is a good idea to clear areas with lots of furniture to make it easier for them to move around. Next to placing fragile objects at heights they cannot reach. Good lighting is another key factor in these cases.

Rearranging the home so that the dog has food, water, toys and a comfortable place to rest will help keep him more relaxed. To seek his comfort and a quiet environment for him, are of utmost importance to prevent your dog from destroying your home.

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