How to train your puppy to not poop everywhere

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The training of a dog, especially when it is a puppy, is of vital importance for the coexistence in the home. There are different reasons to train a puppy, but how to train your puppy not to poop everywhere is one of the fundamental steps for every dog owner.

To carry out this training efficiently, three factors are needed: patience, routine and positive reinforcement.

The use of routine to prevent your puppy from pooping everywhere

Establishing a routine with feeding and toileting schedules is of utmost importance in dog training. In order for the puppy to correctly assimilate what you are trying to teach him, a constant routine must be maintained.

This includes his daily food rations, the place where he eats, the location of his bathroom and an estimated time at which he will relieve himself. For this last point, the person should be guided by the time the dog was fed and its age. These factors will help you predict more accurately when the puppy will go to the bathroom.

The routine may have exceptions, just as it will not always be possible to predict the puppy’s behavior. But specific schedules, accompanied by positive reinforcement, will bring the puppy one step closer to stopping pooping everywhere.

Positive reinforcement in puppy training

Neither yelling, scolding or punishments will help to train your puppy not to poop everywhere. This is mainly because the dog does not associate your reaction with what he has just done, only scaring him. This negatively affects the relationship with the puppy and its receptiveness to training.

Positive reinforcement, mixed with routine and training, is the key to achieving learning in a puppy. Every time the puppy follows the instructions you give him, or performs an appropriate behavior on his own, he should be given a reward.

By rewarding him, the dog understands that this action brings him benefits by making his owner happy, so he will try to repeat the action as many times as necessary. It is here that the union between routine and voluntary action bears fruit, provoking in the dog the assimilation of the new behavior.

This takes time and can be affected by other factors such as illness, separation anxiety or stress. So the owner must remain calm and make sure that there are no other causes, apart from lack of training, why the puppy does not stop pooping everywhere.

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