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3 tips to maintain dog hygiene

It is our responsibility to keep our pets clean and in good health. In the case of dogs we sometimes think that hygiene is not so important and we leave their cleaning practically to themselves.

However, without a good control of the dog’s hygiene, serious health problems can occur, such as the acquisition of fleas, lice and ticks. It can also cause problems with their fur and even their nails and teeth.

Although dog grooming is not a duty that should become a daily routine, it is essential to follow certain fundamental principles such as grooming them every week and being attentive to the different areas of the dog’s body that most deserve attention when it comes to cleaning. For example, teeth, nail clipping, washing the coat and cleaning the ears. Some tips to develop a good cleaning or hygiene of the dog are the following:

Cleaning with soap and water

Cleaning your dog well with soap and water will not only keep his coat healthy, but will also prevent him from acquiring diseases such as mange, fleas, lice or ticks. A good tip is to use the usual water temperature for the dog, i.e., set the water at about 39 degrees Celsius. We should also check that soap does not get into the eyes and ears, as the latter are susceptible to infection by foreign agents.

Tooth brushing

Brushing is an important part of pet hygiene. Proper dental hygiene is the best way to prevent bad breath that some dogs may have. Remember that if this cleaning method is not applied, dogs can develop gum inflammations, infections in the oral mucosa and ailments that can prevent them from eating properly.

Nail trimming and filing as part of dog hygiene

Many times we don’t consider that our puppies ‘ nails will grow and can hurt themselves and others. It is generally thought that the dog itself could take care of it, this is thought because generally that type of pet files its own nails into the ground to decrease its size.

However, if we live in an apartment or house where the floor is completely smooth, the dog has no chance to tear his nails against the floor. It is important that the nails are trimmed by a veterinarian or a person who knows how to do it. If we do it ourselves, we run the risk of hurting our pet.

Let’s remember that as the dog is with us it becomes more dependent and its hygiene and cleanliness must be a priority so that it does not have consequences on its health.

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