Why is my puppy fearful the first week at home?


Bringing home a puppy is the first step we need to take to create a lifetime of happiness with man’s best friend. No matter the time of year or the size of the home, small animals will always be nervous in any situation, and that’s why I’m going to answer the following question:why is my puppy fearful the first week at home?

Remember it’s just a baby

It’s okay that you or your children are happy because you brought home a puppy, your new life companion. No matter the species or breed, little ones will always have a period where they will be stressed and full of fear, and if you don’t understand why you can make some mistakes that will affect your new friend’s personality. These are the 3 viable answers.

1.- Separation from his mother and family

The first weeks of life the puppy is under the protection of its mother figure, the same one that takes care of them and feeds them practically whenever they need. Their mother is there to protect them from any outside threat, and her scent alone gives the cubs a peace of mind. When someone adopts a little one, they are literally ripped out of their comfort zone.

In addition, he is used to living with his siblings, who are used to play and protect each other. But, one night later, there is no one like him anymore, flooding the puppy with tremendous stress that he has to go through to adapt to a new life.

2.- a new space as big as your fear

When the puppy is born the first thing it sees, besides its family, is its small space that serves as its den. Perhaps you also recognize the bedroom or the garden itself, being the only world they really know.

If the change is sudden, the puppy will feel that it is in an unfamiliar place, as well as a vast unexplored place. It is the instinct they have since they are born, since they cannot protect themselves from the ‘predators’ that may be present. This happens, according to veterinarians, after one week.

New smells and new people

When they are puppies they also recognize the smell of the owners of their first home. Little by little, they adapt to them and the great threat that such a large species can represent gradually passes. Days go by and other humans arrive to pick them up and carry them, with a similar smell but not the same as the one they have been feeling for days before.

Here are the answers if you ever wondered why my puppy is skittish the first week.

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