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The 5 harmful foods for dogs that you didn’t know about

Many times, especially if we have our first pet, it is difficult to distinguish what kind of food we should give it, especially if it is a dog. In principle, they don’t know when to stop eating and some owners think they can eat anything.

The reality is that there are harmful foods for dogs that we as humans consume every day, but that in the organisms of our pets can even cause death. If you still don’t know what to feed your pet, this article is for you. Know the 5 foods not suitable for your dog.


Who doesn’t love an avocado or avocado salad with shrimp? What is a delight for humans can become a poison for our dogs. This is because it contains a substance called persin, which is a fatty acid toxic to canines. This can cause vomiting, stomach upset or even damage our pet’s digestive system.

Although in small quantities it does not represent a lethal risk, high intakes can result in poisoning. Likewise, if we have pets, it is vital to throw the peel out of their reach, so that they do not chew it or take it out of the garbage. This shell also contains the persin.


This typical vegetable in all the condiments we make, also represents a threat to our dogs. It contains a substance called sulfoxides, a substance that is harmless in humans but in dogs it wreaks havoc with red blood cells.

Onions in large quantities can cause anemia, liver or digestive system damage and may be responsible for the destruction of red blood cells. It is advisable not to give food containing cooked or raw condiments.


Hundreds of movies have shown us how a dog consuming alcohol gets happy and jumps with excitement. But this is a big screen lie, in fact alcohol is one of the most harmful foods for dogs.

Any beverage containing alcohol is extremely dangerous for our pets. Even in small amounts it can be harmful to your liver, pancreas, kidneys and brain. Alcohol consumption in dogs can affect their mental perception. It can completely change their moods, leading them to states of extreme excitement, aggressiveness or sadness.

The knick-knacks

Although humans may be fascinated by sweets in a confectionery store, which in very small quantities are not harmful to us, they are harmful to dogs. Sweets contain large amounts of sugar that can cause the dog to lose teeth, diabetes or obesity much faster.

At the same time, these refined sugars contained in candies may contain toxic substances. For example, chewing gum and other sweets may contain xylitol, a substance that raises blood sugar levels and can cause serious liver problems for the dog.

Chocolate, the most harmful food for dogs

Many times they do not know that chocolate is a poison for dogs. This human delicacy contains a substance called theobromine, a toxic chemical for dogs that can cause dehydration, cardiac arrhythmia, vomiting, tremors and temperature changes, since it attacks the canine’s nervous system until it leads to death. Even in small quantities it can cause some of the symptoms already described, in large quantities it causes death within a few minutes of consumption.

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